Did you get the memo? Today is National Memo Day. I’m not really sure where this day came from, but out of all the wacky holidays – I think this is an important one.

Think about it. Memos kind of run our lives. A memo is a written message with what can be powerful intent. In business, companies write memos to inform their employees about important happenings in the organization such as new policies, company news, reminders, etc. When an employee misses an important memo detailing a new company policy, it can lead to costly mistakes.

Memos are also frequently used in our personal lives. If you’re like me – you’re probably constantly writing notes to yourself – a short message reminding you to do something. How many post-it notes do you have on your desk right now? There’s a whole industry built around memos. Post-It Notes, reminder pads, task journals. In the electronic age, we’ve event developed several apps and integrations to help us quickly type these reminders on our phone or computer. And if it couldn’t be any easier – you can now write a memo just with your voice. Que Siri or Alexa to remind you to do something or put milk on the shopping list.

Memos, although small in nature, are a powerful tool that we use to run our lives. They’re not only being used for practicality, but for self-improvement too. Think of how you could enrich your life by writing down memos of self-love and gratitude. Gratitude journals are becoming more and more popular. They serve to help people remind themselves to focus on the positive aspects of their lives by writing down a few brief notes of things they are thankful for. This helps train the brain to come from a place of positivity when viewing the world.

Note to Self

Gratitude is another powerful tool that we have. When we’re having a particularly bad day, or even a good one, practicing gratitude turns what we have into enough. And when our hearts are full and we have enough, we have the ability to share our extra. And that makes us the richest people in the world.

So what would you include in your note to self? Is there a powerful quote that motivates you to keep striving for your goals? Consider making a note to incorporate gratitude into your life, and practice showing gratitude by paying it forward and helping others.

I’m going to include a note to self to incorporate more gratitude into my life.

Gratefully yours,