Celebrate Life and New Beginnings

Hi EveryBunny! It’s Easter and what does this holiday mean? Easter is the gift of hope, peace, love, happiness and new beginnings. That means taking time to celebrate your life. This weekend take time to count your blessings, no matter how small or large. It’s been 12 months of ups and downs in all our … Read more

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One Hope. Lots of Hearts. A Wine FUNraiser.

Cheers. This month we are raising our wine glasses to toast education. Here’s how you can help. We have partnered with One Hope Wine and when you purchase using this link a portion of proceeds from the sale will benefit our schools. For those of you that don’t know Hope for Hearts, is a 501c3 … Read more

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Bead Still My Beating Heart

The day of love is around the corner and I am overwhelmed with joy. Life is precious, and for many women in Uganda beads are precious. That is because these beads change lives. When you purchase beads from Hope for Hearts know the following: We supported a women working to feed her family with the … Read more

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St. Elizabeth Girls Academy culinary student smiling at camera

Growing a Peaceful Existence

The holidays are upon us and busy days have begun – making plans, cooking, shopping, wrapping presents and trying to make sure everyone is happy. Some days it seems like no matter how much you get done, the ‘to-do’ list never ends. No matter how busy you are, remember to relax, breathe and take time … Read more

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How to Help Charities in the 2020 Pandemic

Layoffs and reduced work hours amidst COVID-19 is leaving less money for giving to allow donors to meet their basic needs. We know being able to financially contribute to non-profits may not be an option for everyone. While sponsoring a child or activity is incredibly helpful, there are tons of other ways to support causes … Read more

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Where Do Your Donations Go?

One of the biggest questions many nonprofits receive is where do my donations go? At Hope for Hearts, we understand the importance of transparency. We think that donors should know how they are helping which is why we have broken down the four largest areas your generous funding assists. We hope this provides some insight … Read more

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Let Freedom Ring

On July 4, millions of American gather each year to commemorate the United States’ independence from England in 1776. This annual event celebrates our privilege of living in a society where we can elect leaders that align with our values and have the right to voice our opinions. While the U.S. still has quite an … Read more

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Defining Dignity

Dignity – The quality of being worthy of esteem or respect. While we may not think about the word dignity often, it plays such a large part in the way we live our lives. Having dignity gives one a sense of worth, confidence, and respect for who they are as a person. This is important … Read more

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Four Books About Female Empowerment for Your Summer Reading List

With summer in full swing and many of us still social distancing, you may be building your summer reading list. No matter how long your list is, we encourage you to put at least one book focusing on female empowerment as it is a great way to understand the importance of building strong women. Though … Read more

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The Lowdown from Lockdown – COVID-19 In Uganda

Father Mugagga has the lowdown from lockdown. He has been keeping in touch with nuns at both schools to gather updates on how the children are faring during this worldwide pandemic. The children are in good spirit and faring well, but while the effects of COVID-19 are being felt around the U.S., underdeveloped countries like … Read more

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