Five Gifts of Hope That Giveback This Holiday Season

This holiday season we are launching Gifts of Hope. It’s simple. There are five ways to help Hope for Hearts provide an education and a hand-up to an orphaned child. Cheers to Life Raise a glass and toast education. One Hope Wine offers charities a way to fundraise through hosting an online ‘party’ for Hope … Read more

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Crisnten poses with a child in Uganda

In a blink, 10 Years Passed

My backyard is a lush magical place (think Narnia) that I have created as a Feng Shui consultant to be my own special paradise. I spend time out there every day! As I sit, sip and reflect this week my thoughts are with the girls in Uganda. This past week – 10 years ago – … Read more

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My July 4th Plea

I would love your support. This year is ten years since I traveled to Uganda. Ten years ago something changed me. I meet my Ugandan family, the children in the orphanage at St. Elizabeth Girls Academy. When I laid eyes on their smiling faces my heart sang and parts of me began to heal. When … Read more

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30 Affirmations to Change A Life

I love this! ♥ A smile is the best makeup. Use your smile to change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile. July 3 is Compliment Your Mirror Day. Find a mirror. Take a look in it. Smile your biggest smile and compliment the person that you see! Affirmations are a great way … Read more

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Stitching out a Future

Our seamstress in training program provides teen girls with a way to move from poverty to prosperity. On June 13, we honor an invention that provides a living for so many. Quick History An English man, Thomas Saint designed the first sewing machine of its kind in 1790, and 61 years later Isaac Singer patented … Read more

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World Meditation Day

One memory that always stays with me from my travels to Uganda, the teens at St. Elizabeth’s Girls Academy. They were so cheerful and grateful. They were blessed to have a roof over their heads. They no longer had to sleep on the streets, and were receiving vocational training so they never have to go … Read more

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Even a lively child can become good if given guidance

Our Purpose is to Nourish

Let’s talk about nourishment for the soul. Children need plenty of good fresh food to nourish them, but time taken to help their mental wellbeing is a must. The nuns, teachers and caretakers do everything they can to nourish and protect the children who attend our schools. They come to us after living on the … Read more

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Celebrate Life and New Beginnings

Hi EveryBunny! It’s Easter and what does this holiday mean? Easter is the gift of hope, peace, love, happiness and new beginnings. That means taking time to celebrate your life. This weekend take time to count your blessings, no matter how small or large. It’s been 12 months of ups and downs in all our … Read more

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One Hope. Lots of Hearts. A Wine FUNraiser.

Cheers. This month we are raising our wine glasses to toast education. Here’s how you can help. We have partnered with One Hope Wine and when you purchase using this link a portion of proceeds from the sale will benefit our schools. For those of you that don’t know Hope for Hearts, is a 501c3 … Read more

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Bead Still My Beating Heart

The day of love is around the corner and I am overwhelmed with joy. Life is precious, and for many women in Uganda beads are precious. That is because these beads change lives. When you purchase beads from Hope for Hearts know the following: We supported a women working to feed her family with the … Read more

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No donation is too small, every penny truly counts for these kids to stay alive and have a future.

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