Where Do Your Donations Go?

One of the biggest questions many nonprofits receive is where do my donations go? At Hope for Hearts, we understand the importance of transparency. We think that donors should know how they are helping which is why we have broken down the four largest areas your generous funding assists. We hope this provides some insight … Read more

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Let Freedom Ring

On July 4, millions of American gather each year to commemorate the United States’ independence from England in 1776. This annual event celebrates our privilege of living in a society where we can elect leaders that align with our values and have the right to voice our opinions. While the U.S. still has quite an … Read more

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Defining Dignity

Dignity – The quality of being worthy of esteem or respect. While we may not think about the word dignity often, it plays such a large part in the way we live our lives. Having dignity gives one a sense of worth, confidence, and respect for who they are as a person. This is important … Read more

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Four Books About Female Empowerment for Your Summer Reading List

With summer in full swing and many of us still social distancing, you may be building your summer reading list. No matter how long your list is, we encourage you to put at least one book focusing on female empowerment as it is a great way to understand the importance of building strong women. Though … Read more

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The Lowdown from Lockdown – COVID-19 In Uganda

Father Mugagga has the lowdown from lockdown. He has been keeping in touch with nuns at both schools to gather updates on how the children are faring during this worldwide pandemic. The children are in good spirit and faring well, but while the effects of COVID-19 are being felt around the U.S., underdeveloped countries like … Read more

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Uganda’s Shift in Skilled Labor, You Can Help 

Though Uganda’s economy is slowly beginning to improve with a 6.7 percent increase to their GDP in the last decade, the poorest areas in the country aren’t benefiting from this new boom. Why is this? Because the new industries moving into Uganda require skilled labor forces, and the poverty-stricken areas have a severe lack of … Read more

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Continuing Education

With a large portion of Americans spending more time at home amidst COVID-19, many are wondering how to keep themselves busy when they have more free time than usual. While watching Netflix and playing games may be fun for a while, it is also important to make sure you are exercising your mind. To help … Read more

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Globe with heart drawn around africa

Uganda Braces for COVID-19

I truly hope everyone reading this is staying safe during this global health crisis. Coronavirus has hit countries all over the world hard. Amidst all the latest news about outbreaks, shutdowns, etc. I find myself thinking more and more about the kids in Uganda right now. Each time my heart hurts thinking about my fellow … Read more

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Red beaded necklace and blue owl statue

Love and Community

Want to give your loved one something truly special this Valentine’s Day? Our beads of hope necklaces are a unique, lovely statement piece that directly helps the women of Uganda. These beads are made from recycled magazines that are then carefully strung together to create a one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly piece of art. They are handmade by … Read more

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Ugandan Culture Through Cuisine

They say the best way to understand a culture is through the cuisine, and we believe this to be wholeheartedly true. The importance and independence of cooking is why Hope for Hearts has created a culinary training program for our girls at St. Elizabeth’s Academy. The girls are trained in practical cooking experience to help … Read more

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