Every four years people throughout the world are glued intently to the television to see who will come away with Olympic gold. Stories of glory. Stories of defeat. Stories of how for 17 days the Olympics bring the world together.

We are a global community. We all breathe the same air. We all rely on mother earth and its resources to survive. Even through the fierce competition among countries to score medals, the Olympics celebrate fellowship. We see elite performances rise above the superior. What we achieve are heroes and standards of excellence that everybody else can emulate.

Uganda, a country with millions of vulnerable children, has 16 athletes competing, of which five are women. Their perseverance can teach these kids to rise above the poor living conditions, the sickness, the lack of necessities.

Choosing the right path usually means to push hard, think creatively, and thrive amid the contradictions life brings. The girls being served by St. Elizabeth Girls Academy (SEGA) are discovering they can reach their goals with effort and dedication.

The stories that come out of SEGA are lined with gold. Girls turning around their lives from living on the streets to gaining the education to survive on their own, creating their own dreams of Olympic proportions chapter by chapter.


Cristen Jacobsen-Champagne
Hope for Hearts