This month the game of baseball brought the world a little closer. A feel good story with roots springing from Uganda.

We all have amazing stories to tell about a first, whether it’s a first date, your first job or your first big win, that feeling is so fantastic. Uganda’s Little League players will relish in their historical first. Those 11 boys were the first African team ever to be represented in the Little League World Series. They will soon travel back to Uganda with stories abound. Stories of stadium play, real uniforms, proper equipment and fans cheering. The players come from poor families. They play the game in dusty fields, sometimes barefoot, and never in front of a crowd.

Their experience will turn into a legend passed from generation to generation. Yes, the boys lost to Panama and Mexico in series play. But they won in their hearts; and winning over hearts throughout the world.

They will be bringing home a win against Oregon in a consolation game. Their biggest win though, is the history-making trip that is creating hope. Hope for our littlest under served hearts throughout the world.

For the love of baseball, for the love of Ugandan children, it is moments like this where we cheer and cheer loud that our work to help children is not in vain. We stepped up to the plate and we will continue to strive for home runs as we continue our run for hope.


Cristen Jacobsen-Champagne
Hope for Hearts