Tomorrow is Thursday. So what makes this Thursday any different from the other 51 Thursday’s in a year?  Right now people everywhere are celebrating the world’s first International Day of the Girl.

So Thursday is not your typical day, as the world will highlight the unique challenges surrounding girls. The United Nations wanting to bring public enlightenment to the many faces of discrimination and abuse, is declaring Thursday, October 11th, International Day of the Girl.

I thought it fitting to celebrate by sharing a story of hope and triumph. As an orphan, Maggie, with no family or skills did whatever was necessary to survive on the street, including begging and prostitution. A Bishop brought her to St. Elizabeth Girls Academy (SEGA) where she could gain the self-esteem and skills necessary to support herself.  Maggie knew she didn’t have to be a victim of the circumstances she was born into and we provided her the vehicle to transform her life.

There are many faces at SEGA, but the stories are similar, girls left alone to deal with the often cruelty of world before their time. Hope for Hearts will continue to guide these girls. We will raise the funds to provide tools that empower the girls as they grow into young adults and learn to lead self-sustaining lives.

Tomorrow, community leaders will address the public about the importance of girls’ right to equal education and their fundamental freedoms. So I leave you with this thought. How can you contribute to improving the lives of millions of girls worldwide?

Peace & love,



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