The actual use of email has been going for 41 years. But 30 years ago, a 16 year old coined the term email from the words electronic mail. Life has not been the same. Leaps and bounds of growth have taken place since then, and as a whole we are addicted to being social without being social the way our grandparents understood the term.
We are in the midst of a social media boom from pins and circles, to fans and followers along with Tweets and check-ins. That famous phrase, You Got Mail sure started a connection revolution that is significantly and constantly changing the landscape of life.

An ocean and 9,173 miles separates us from our Ugandan family. Although worlds apart, through email and social media we remain close at heart. Please join me in the instant sharing of news, funnies, facts and feelings.

Hope for Hearts, get social with us 🙂



A fun fact* – There are over 3.375 billion email accounts worldwide with nearly 145 billion email messages zipping throughout the world daily.