Education is paramount.

Hope for Hearts is one of thousands of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Uganda working to prevent future generations of children from ending up on the streets.

This is a child we are talking about, a child that if provided the means to an education can soar into a thriving member of society. A child who is living on the street, eating out of trash cans, prostituting and begging for food. These children have landed on the streets, some by personal choice to leave abusive and neglect homes with hopes to raise their life status from poverty; and others by death of a parent(s) due to civil wars and diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis, cholera and dysentery.

Children are the single largest demographic group living in poverty in Uganda. Nearly 72 percent of Uganda’s estimated 45 million are under age 24, and of that nearly 49 percent are under 15 years old.

Children at Uganda orphanage

Uganda is a country where the government does not provide any social services. Hope for Hearts currently works direct with orphanages and schools that target street children in Kampala and surrounding rural areas. In this city particular, as a social-economic transformation takes time to progress, the livelihood needs of these orphaned children are at the mercy of NGOs and donors like us.

Here’s a fact: NGOs seeking to support street children face threat of criminal sanction for offering assistance. Hope for Hearts helps schools that are operated lovingly by local nuns, and have not been disrupted by the corrupt officials or rebel factions engaged in civil war.

The future goal is to create more schools using this model to help meet the educational needs and emotional support for more orphaned children in Uganda. Our proven formula, has delivered a 90% graduation rate.

Hope for Hearts carries very little administrative costs, and donations go directly into supporting the necessities and education for orphaned children.

You have the opportunity to provide a life-giving gift to a child. Empower an orphan child through the gift of education.