One memory that always stays with me from my travels to Uganda, the teens at St. Elizabeth’s Girls Academy. They were so cheerful and grateful. They were blessed to have a roof over their heads. They no longer had to sleep on the streets, and were receiving vocational training so they never have to go back to the streets.

I absolutely loved seeing the girls take daily prayer and moments of silent reflection. Besides founding Hope for Hearts, I opened Graceful Spaces to help people with strategies to navigate their daily lives. I provide one-on-one plans of action for people who want to see a new side of themselves, just like our girls.

One of the areas I cover is meditation to creating space. It’s a tool for growth. Meditation should be the top priority in your mental health routine. It quiets the busy highway called our mind. Meditation teaches us to detach from the mind and tap into the stillness that lies beneath all those busy thoughts.


  1. Reduces stress
  2. Controls anxiety
  3. Enhances self-awareness
  4. Lengthens attention span
  5. Can generate kindness (my favorite benefit!)

Friday, May 21 is World Meditation Day and I challenge you to start a meditation practice or like our girls, quiet time to sit in silent reflection. I challenge you to 10 days so you can build a sustainable routine.

Are you new to meditation? Start with five minutes and gradually up the time by one minute each day. On day 11 you have a 15-minute practice goal to maintain. You might say “Oh, Cristen Lyn I don’t even have 15 minutes in my schedule. YES, YOU DO! Those 15 minutes will come back threefold in your daily productivity (see bullet # 4 above).

Do you prefer guided meditation?

If you have a hard time with quiet thought meditation, a great alternative is guided meditation. You will receive my guided meditation Healing Limiting Beliefs, Emotions and Programs for free when you sign up for my newsletter (no spam only good stuff two times a month). If you already downloaded it once and would like another copy, email me.

Meditation Tips

Create a space.

  • A quiet, welcoming room
  • A cushion or a bolster to sit on

Bring in comfort.

  • Wear clothes that make you feel at ease
  • Keep a blanket near if you feel chilly
  • Have a cup of tea or water by your side

Time to check in with yourself.

  • Pick a time to meditate, and stick to that time daily
  • Go into your meditation practice without expectations
  • Take a couple of moments to wind down and clear your mind
  • Start with a few deep breaths to calm the body
  • Don’t stop or judge your thoughts, simply observe

I would love nothing more than to have you blaze a path to peace of mind. I will leave you with one final thought. You will improve your focus with time. The important thing is to become aware of when you have been distracted and train your mind to come back to the breath again and again.

Happy meditating,
Cristen Lyn

P.S. If you would like to sponsor a girl for one year click here. $20 a month provides her with the tools to learn a vocational trade and support herself when it’s time to leave the orphanage and blaze her own path.