I would love your support.

This year is ten years since I traveled to Uganda. Ten years ago something changed me. I meet my Ugandan family, the children in the orphanage at St. Elizabeth Girls Academy. When I laid eyes on their smiling faces my heart sang and parts of me began to heal. When I heard their stories and toured the slums, I hurt.

It’s easy to get so absorbed in our own world that we completely miss the way the rest of the world lives. But what I am going to say next is reality: your normal isn’t the world’s normal, and the greatest failure is that we believe that it is. That is why I continue to share theses beautiful children and their stories of hope. Every time we train and educate another youth, we gift them and everyone they touch in their life hope.

I want you to have a safe and happy July 4th with your loved ones.

AND YES, I would burst, sparkle and shine just like a firecracker with your support because they need your your support. Donate and sponsor a child/teens education goals.