Take my hand and walk with me for a minute. I want to share a glimpse into the reality, the world many girls lived through before life at St. Elizabeth Girl’s Academy. – Cristen


A Poem on Street Life

I don’t know which crime I committed

To be in this situation

Hunger, coldness, I have no clothing,

Except the rags and sometimes moving naked

I get my food from dustbins,


We are called thieves, pick picketers,

I do not deny all that

But it’s you who made me what I am today

You who didn’t care about me

You who behaved inhumanly,

You who did not care about your seed


We always hear you appealing to the government;

“Take them to Kampilingisa (Children’s prison), to the island,

Or kill them so that you can reduce the number”

Do you think we are happy to be piled on trucks like garbage?


You hate me; I also hate you

You chased me out of home and made the whole community to hate me

Now I sleep on the streets/roadsides like wild animals

Even wild animals know their young ones and cater for them

In fact you should reform and show us love and empathy.

When you cut us don’t we bleed or even when you tickle us don’t we laugh?


Now, I have my brothers and sisters who care when I am hungry;

That’s why we share food from the dustbin,

They care when am freezing from the coldness on the streets;

That’s why we sneeze benzine,


I cannot forget to thank St. Elizabeth Girl’s Academy, which found me

Helpless and rescued me from the street, and gave me a new life; a promising future. I also thank whoever is supporting St. Elizabeth to

help the girl child. Thank you all and God bless you – Ayeni


Ten years after the orphanage was founded, Hope for Hearts was born. I took the hand of many girls and walked with them. Ayeni, you and your sisters are not alone. Every last supporter of this organization is walking with you.  


Peace and Love,