Generosity Day and Random Acts of Kindness Week. Wow, last week was oozing with KIND gestures. If you have been following along with my social media updates and blogs, I have been stressing the power of kindness.

I choose to focus on these special days to remind you that there is an entire world outside your small universe. Everybody needs a nudge now and then because sometimes dealing with the ins and outs of people, and your everyday life, wears you down.

Let’s power off this past week of kindness and generosity. Let’s make sure our efficiency, or lack there of, doesn’t come at the expense of humanity. Small gestures can send big signals about who we are, and what we care about. You can’t change how people act, but you can change your responses.

Later this week you will hear from a special guest blogger. One of our girls will share her thoughts about life before St. Elizabeth Girl’s Academy, and how a random act of kindness boomeranged into her life, giving her a hand up and a chance to give back.

Giving to others when they least expect, is what life is all about. The world needs more kindness boomerangs soaring through the air. One just left Las Vegas, Nevada. Help me send more into the world. Safe travels, kindness boomerang, I will see you again soon!


Peace and Love,