So today is Valentine’s Day. But I recently discovered a three year-old movement called Generosity Day. I just LOVE the idea and had to share. I wish I could take credit, but credit is due to Sasha Dichter.

The premises: Reboot from the outrageous flowers, over-done jewels and fancy dinners, and reclaim the day. Give without expectation. Turn your no’s into yes.

The goal: Come together as a world to give a million acts of kindness and generosity.

I would LOVE for my Hope for Hearts family to commit to participating in the generosity experiment on Valentine’s, no, Generosity Day. I want you to follow the praise of the day – you can be generous with your time or your money. You can say “yes” to requests. It’s just another day to seize every opportunity for kindness.

My request: I want you to visit and share a generosity gesture. It can be anything you want, but a special message to our girls working hard to become self-sufficient would melt my heart and lift theirs.

Next, will you be my Valentine, I mean Generosity Sponsor? Here is the challenge – reach deep into your heart, then into your pocketbook and help us sponsor 14 girls by end of day February 14. That is $3,360. We can do it! We can take simple steps to transform the world around us.


Peace and Love,