Nonprofit vs. Corporate – What Would You Do?

I wanted to pass along this article I came across in Bloomberg Business Week. Graduates from top business schools are being provided extra incentives to start their careers in the nonprofit world. Last month I shared an article on LinkedIn about Harvard Business School in particular. There were 19 graduates set to receive $50,000 each … Read more

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The Gift of Graduation

  Here in America, May and June signifies graduation celebrations. We throw parties to honor our children, and they are showered in monetary gifts. The milestone is marked and time to move onto the next adventure. Well in Uganda, there are smart and dedicated students who dream of attending school. Often these dreams are cut … Read more

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Escape to Education

  “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela Education, whether be it formal or informal, provides us with knowledge, skills and confidence to build a self-sufficient future. Education is at the heart of our work with St. Elizabeth Girls’ Academy (SEGA). Access to education in … Read more

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Seamstress in Training

  Girls love to take part in our seamstress-training program for the simple fact that sewing is a very natural home business in the Ugandan culture. Uganda is known for its wide array of handcrafted products. During my 2011 visit, I chatted with the girls while they were preparing their exam projects. They practice old … Read more

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Culinary and Hospitality Training

  Springtime is a busy one for ours girls training in hospitality and culinary arts. That’s because graduation festivities are abound! Saint Elizabeth Girls’ Academy opens its doors to hosting area festivities, along with SEGA’s own graduation celebration. The girls in our culinary and hospitality programs gain practical hands on experience. Careers in the hospitality … Read more

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It’s a Wrap – One Day, One BIG GIVE

  Hope for Hearts joined Nevada’s Big Give last week. So how did Nevada rank? Well, 4,482 donors came together to raise $554,182. Although the giving day did not double funds from the previous year, it was a gallant effort. Enough money was raised on our site to support more than one girl at St. … Read more

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Spread the Word – Nevada’s Big Give

  There is a fantastic philanthropic opportunity happening in our state on next Thursday, and I am proud to say Hope for Hearts will join the cause. Nevada’s Big Give is a one-day online giving initiative. The goal is to raise more than $800,000. Let’s help spread the word and in one 24-hour period, grow … Read more

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Volunteers do it for Free

  I had a theme going this week on Hope for Hearts social media pages – quotes. Yes, quotes from a saint, newscaster, philosopher, musicians and so on.  Quotes on volunteerism – it makes the world go around.   April is national volunteer month. A time to help others, as well as a time to … Read more

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Happy Easter!

Today some of us are celebrating Easter. We are celebrating a man who I choose to walk with daily, who came to earth more than 2000 years ago, and died so that we might live forever. Like many holidays, sometimes the meaning behind Easter gets lost in the celebration of Easter bunnies, baskets and egg hunts. … Read more

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New Campus Update

We had a question on Facebook about our new campus and why the cost to complete had a $4.5 million dollar price tag. The supporter, who also works with orphanages in Africa, wanted to know why not build cheaper structures that would be more attainable? Kuddos to this supporter for asking! That is an excellent … Read more

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