Guest Blogger, Ayeni: A Poem on Street Life

Take my hand and walk with me for a minute. I want to share a glimpse into the reality, the world many girls lived through before life at St. Elizabeth Girl’s Academy. – Cristen   A Poem on Street Life I don’t know which crime I committed To be in this situation Hunger, coldness, I … Read more

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The Kindness Boomerang

Generosity Day and Random Acts of Kindness Week. Wow, last week was oozing with KIND gestures. If you have been following along with my social media updates and blogs, I have been stressing the power of kindness. I choose to focus on these special days to remind you that there is an entire world outside … Read more

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Valentine’s, no, Generosity Gifts Welcomed

So today is Valentine’s Day. But I recently discovered a three year-old movement called Generosity Day. I just LOVE the idea and had to share. I wish I could take credit, but credit is due to Sasha Dichter. The premises: Reboot from the outrageous flowers, over-done jewels and fancy dinners, and reclaim the day. Give … Read more

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Exam Results for Ugandan Students

School in Uganda is a privilege. Incredible sacrifices are made to support an educational experience for children. Now imagine not having a family to support that goal. The girls at St Elizabeth Girls’ Academy (SEGA) recognize the importance of education. Prior to life at SEGA, most struggled without it, leading a life of begging and … Read more

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January 18 – IRA Charitable Rollover is Back!

As a supporter, you are an important investor to girl education in Uganda. That is why I want to make sure you are aware of recent tax news – the Individual Retirement Account (IRA) charitable rollover. It’s back. Yes, you can make a gift to Hope for Hearts and save significantly on taxes. That benefits … Read more

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  We provide our children with many words of wisdom. Words they will grow by, words they will carry with them the remainder of their lives. Today I am writing words of inspiration for the girls at St. Elizabeth Girls’ Academy in Uganda, heck for all of us. We need to hear these powerful words … Read more

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Resolutions. Giving = Happiness.

Read the paper, watch the news, surf the Internet and most of the time you find stories that make it seem the world is in devastation and destruction. In 2013, as individuals we need to inspire and motivate each other. There are many happy stories out there. Let’s seek the happiness out with that age-old … Read more

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Thank You St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Cheer Team!

Giving has no age limits. Children are naturally altruistic. As well, many families instill the importance of giving back. From a young age we learn to reap enjoyment from life’s small pleasures, and helping others is a definite pleasure. Today I want to send a BIG THANK YOU to some young philanthropists in the making, … Read more

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Year End Gifts Give a Hand Up

We are full swing into the holiday season, a time where we reach deep into our pockets to give to those in need, and less fortunate than ourselves. As I was preparing for my own end of year gifts, I came upon some stats that correlate with holiday giving: (Source: Network for Good) 30 to … Read more

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Holiday Pinspiration

  My, it’s December already? Where did the year go? We are in the midst of the holiday season, and we are all busy cramming in our final year-end needs. Whether it’s navigating school finals, the waves of business, or balancing both worlds, life can get a little hectic. Stop. Take a moment, a deep … Read more

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